Baosteel scrap crushing production line case

宝钢废钢破碎生产线案例  Baosteel Resources is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Baosteel Group. It has headquarters in Shanghai and Hong Kong and is mainly engaged in the investment, trade and logistics/services of mineral resources. It has 15 subsidiaries in China and 2 subsidiaries and offices in Australia and South Africa. Baosteel Resources pursues international cooperation and win-win, focusing on the global allocation of mineral resources, and is committed to providing customers with quality products and value-added services to achieve ore, coal, alloys and non-ferrous metals, stainless steel raw materials, scrap steel and logistics. Leaping development. Baosteel has been involved in metal recycling resources business earlier. The scrap steel industry has developed to the present. It has 8 regional scrap steel bases with Baosteel resources as its main platform. The annual operating scale is 2 million tons and the processing capacity is 1.3 million tons. Baosteel Resources Ningbo Zhenhai Scraping Base purchased a 1000 hp crushing line (PSX-6080) in Hubei Lidi Machine Tool Co., Ltd. in September 2008. In the new round of development planning of Baosteel Resources, the metal recycling resource business will aim at the development of scrap steel industrialization, taking waste steel processing, distribution and operation services as the fundamental, appropriately developing the dismantling and dismantling business of vehicles and ships, and exploring various business cooperation modes. In 2015, it will develop into one of the outstanding large-scale scrap steel processing and distribution enterprises in China.
At the same time, as a raw material supplier of steel mills, Baosteel Resources continues to develop and innovate, develop high-quality products, and actively reduce costs and create value for steel mills. Through active source and waste resources control development, as of 2011, Baosteel's resources for pure scrap steel resources control has reached 1 million tons, which can effectively improve the purity of molten steel and related finished products, and has become an important part of Baosteel's scrap supply chain.
After becoming the “Destruction Base of Waste Steel Processing and Distribution Center” approved by China Waste Steel Application Association, Baosteel Resources will take advantage of the dual headquarters of Shanghai and Hong Kong to actively develop overseas resources, expand overseas customers, and build competitive overseas scrap yards and domestic The imported scrap processing base conforms to the strategic development needs of the country and Baosteel Group and the market development trend, seizes the opportunity, and strives to achieve a healthy, stable and rapid development of the road of scrap steel industrialization. At present, Baosteel Resources is building a new processing base through a new round of investment, and building a stable logistics channel. By the end of 2015, it will strive to form a variety of profit models such as value-added scrap processing, value-added trade, value-added channels, value-added services, and value-added new products. Become the top three of large-scale scrap steel processing and distribution enterprises.
PSX-6080 (1000 hp) scrap crushing production line Shanghai Baosteel